Yellow Diamond Rose Cut Earrings

    A sophisticated pair of Diamond Earrings, these are truly one of a kind. Beautifully designed and handcrafted, these studs are crafted in 18 karat Rose Gold weighting 19 grams and set with more than 11 carats of Rose Cut and Brilliant Round Diamonds.

    These studs are your perfect companion for parties and weddings and will surely make heads turn.

    Yellow Diamond Rose Cut Earrings Details:

    Gross Weight: 21.330 gms
    Net Weight: 19.080 gms
    Total Diamond Weight: 11.24 cts
    Diamond Quality: VS – VS
    Rose Cut Colour: Fancy Yellow
    Brilliant Cut Colour: G-H

    Watch the making of Yellow Diamond Rose Cut Earrings below:


    What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

    The rose cut originated in the 1500’s and was commonly used through the Georgian and Victorian eras.

    The most notable features of a rose cut diamond are their flat back and domed top covered in triangular facets. It’s facets are said to resemble the petals unfolding in a rose bud. They have a calm and ethereal look to them compared to the disco-ball sparkle of full cut diamonds.

    A rose cut diamond will appear to be a visually larger stone when viewed from above than a full cut diamond of the same carat weight.


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