3 Mistakes To Avoid In Jewellery Designing

Jewellery designing is one of the oldest and most celebrated profession. Jewellery making started 1000’s of years ago and the process has just kept evolving with time. Designing jewellery requires a lot of patience and an eye for detail, which is definitely not a cakewalk. One needs to know his way correctly so that he can indulge in intricacy and perfection along with productivity.

The process of designing begins with the designer’s idea bubble which is then smoothly put on to the paper as a sketch. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Designing jewellery is a talented job and there are some common mistakes that are faced very frequently by the people in the industry. Avoiding these mistakes will let you earn more money while you save time.

This blog is for all of you who are willing to witness a positive change in your jewellery designing careers. Reading this will definitely make your life easier.

1. Designing without a theme in mind

As exciting as the process of jewellery designing is, a raw approach to it will not be of any benefit. If you start designing without a definite theme in mind, it will definitely not lead anywhere.

While beginning the process of designing, you should be clear how each piece of the jewellery will relate to the other. If you do not follow this ground rule, your collection will end up looking messy and it will not belong anywhere. The key to appealing your customer is to present them with a classy theme that they can’t stop staring at. The theme should be inspiring.

2. Skipping the evaluation of previous sales

The main aim of your designs is to generate sales and therefore it is vital to know what attracts your customers the best. Evaluating your previous sales will help you understand what kind of designs have worked the best and which have not.

If the revenue generated is low, then deeply study what were the products that did not work and keep them at the lowest of your designing chart. However, you should be open to taking risks and designing out of the box, but do consider your revenue and business performance based on the designs that sell the most.

3. Creating jewellery for a single customer

Designing to suit your customer is good for your business but while doing that one should not lose sight of the bigger picture. Sticking to one single set of designing approach may help you but you might miss on a lot more if you stop seeing beyond that.

You can create different themes and personas that will appeal to people of all choice kind. Your designs should be latest, designed with the latest technologies so that you are always up to date with the trends.

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