9 Business Tips To Learn From The Cartier

Business Tips from Cartier

The whole of the business world and especially the jewellery industry is well versed with The Cartier Family, who you can also call the royals of the gem and jewellery industry. The Cartier’s have built an empire on their own to which we all still bow. However, the long-gauged secret of their empire is now lifted. Let’s talk about the real story of the Cartier’s and how did they emerge.

As overwhelming as the success of Cartier might sound to us, we all somewhere have been trying to dig into their secrets, hoping it would work for us too. So here it is. The Cartier family had their own way to make the sell.

1. Sell comfort, not the product!

1st Business Tips from Cartier

The way was; never talk about the product, rather talk about the comfort that the product brings along. Whenever they were talking to the customer, they would never try to sell the jewel based on its colour, carat, cut etc. instead they would make the customer feel comfortable and the sale was made.

2. Dive into the social circles

2nd Business Tips from Cartier

Staying up to date with the social media news was always a plus to make the conversation smoother and effective.

3. Ensure the client’s account balance

3rd Business Tips from Cartier

Another thing that the Cartier’s did to ensure that the money was coming their way was to check the bank account of the client to make sure that they had the funds to pay.

Whenever a client less known to the Cartier entered to make a purchase, a salesman was trained to get another activity going behind the scene where he would make a call to the bank and get all the details of the client required to make sure that they had the funds to pay. However, the client was of course not aware of this little setting.

4. Old staff is gold staff! 

4th Business Tips from Cartier

Another policy that worked well for the Cartier’s is that they believed in old is gold. Cartier used to value their old staff a lot and would not let them go as they had faith in their capabilities. They knew that their old staff counts and that they have very well believed in the mission and vision of the company.

5. Unity is the core strength

5th Business Tips from Cartier

The unity of the Cartier brother was their core strength. Even though the Cartier’s were handling different stores, they never felt like that. The trade knew that they were tight and while you might think that you are just dealing with one, you are actually dealing with all three. It was their biggest power. Their values were strong.

The winning quality was not just inbuilt, they had also invested in the best of a salesman and had trained them to match with their expectations.

6. Reach to the clients, don’t wait for them to reach you

6th Business Tips from Cartier

They believed that the client will not always make it to the store, sometimes it is necessary to step out and reach the client yourself. The Cartier salesman was at ace of the meeting and mingling game, they knew how to turn the conversations in cash and when was the right time to slip in the sale, but again no sense of desperation to make the sale was noticed.

7. Indulge in Influencer marketing

7th Business Tips from Cartier

Apart from reaching out to the client themselves, the Cartier’s had another way to do that too, as we call it in today’s time “Influencer marketing.” This might seem like a new concept to us but the Cartier’s aced it years ago.  Cartier never missed on any opportunity to market themselves.

One of the Cartier brothers, Jacques came across a talented actress and there popped an idea in his head that since she is playing a such a powerful character and is watched by the richest class of audience, why not make her a muse for the jewel. He sent his finest piece of jewel to the theatre for her to wear it for the show. Without spending a single rupee, he was able to make the best marketing to his target audience.

8. Let your competitors struggle in copying you

8th Business Tips from Cartier

Along with being the king of marketing jewellery, the Cartier’s were well versed with how to deal with the competition, that was obviously fierce. Every other jeweller in the market followed the footsteps of the Cartier brothers.

Therefore, to stand at the highest level in the market, they had to know how to deal with their competitors. They never stopped the competitors from copying them, rather they would make it extremely difficult for them to copy.

Like, if they are willing to a specific collection with a particular stone, they would not go around asking for it, but would buy it from every stone seller as and when they come and this way they would collect a huge amount of the good stones in the market and then launch the collection.

This way, the word of the collection is not launched into the market and by the time their competitors realize it and the go-ahead to create a copy, only a few of the quality stones would have remained in the market and too at a much higher price.

9. Always have the best team

9th Business Tips from Cartier

A final tip from the Cartier’s that should be bookmarked is to always have the best team. The c Irrespective of what time and phase was their business on, they never had to worry about it too much because they knew, they held a team that was inspiring and efficient all at once.

Even when they knew that the health was not that kind to them as before, they were glad that they have built a good team and the team aced at the management of their own jobs.


Cartier’s have not only taught us how to make a business run but they in many ways have inspired us to build a legacy. A legacy that will keep ongoing for years and years to come and will keep inspiring many more like us.

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